Our terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions

Updated on 31/05/2023

1. Mike lee plumbing and heating will speak to customers with respect and expect to receive respect back through telephone calls , emails, messaging or face to face interaction.

2. If any abuse from customers arises like violence , abuse from occupants on site . Mike lee plumbing and heating can terminate planned work agreed then and there and will invoice labour up to that point. Mike lee plumbing and heating expects a abuse free work space and reserves the right to leave if abuse occurs (even if half way through a job).

3. If work has been agreed via quote , the area of which work is to commence must be cleared of household items . E.g * kitchen sink area is to be worked in then, prior to Mike lee plumbing and heatings work, the cupboard should be cleaned, out as so work can continue as planned. * boiler cupboard/ cylinder cupboard – example - boiler service, gas safety check , maintenance, fixing leaks or boiler add on installations prior to attending the cupboard should be cleared of house hold items eg towels , stored items as to allow easy access to carry out the work.

4. Mike lee plumbing and heating will try its absolute best to treat pre existing plumbing and building fabric with utmost care , and provide a duty of care to customer to use as much skill and professionalism to do the agreed work. However if work on old systems, old sanitary ware, boilers or cylinders arises to pre existing plumbing issues or degraded systems and problems arise from maintenance or working on the system eg. Cemented in toilets, glued/hard set in taps to basins, brittle boiler parts, broken/leaking thermostatic radiator valves , immersion element threads ,compression connections to cylinders, unsoldered pipes that when disturbed show as unsoldered, leaking stop taps or gate valves from use of means of turning water off. All the above is understood risks with working on old systems and Mike lee plumbing is not liable for replacing such items, however Mike lee plumbing and heating will resolve such things with a added labour cost and materials cost replacement to rectify the issue. Mike lee plumbing and heating will pre explain the risks if obvious or once the potential problem is first noted through the commencement of work to the customer , if the customer is not on site or unavailable Mike lee plumbing and heating will make the decision to make safe or fix leaks with a fair labour cost in order to complete the agreed prior work. Mike lee plumbing and heating will advise the best way to fix or replace such items with the labour costs applicable if this happens.

5. Quotes/estimates of materials – labour quotes are unlikely to change on a quote and estimate of materials is solely based on a price upon availability, if extra materials are needed to complete work agreed , and unforeseen extra fittings to match and connect up to pre existing plumbing on the work site is needed to conform to British standards or gas regulations or unvented regulations or a decent workmanship standard these materials will get added onto the final invoice and may well exceed the estimate of materials or be cheaper than the estimate of materials.

6. Materials supplied by Mike lee plumbing and heating will incur a 20% add on charge to cover for fuel , time spent getting materials and delivery to the work site . E.g a hive smart thermostat with a rrp of £165 will be charged to the customer if supplied for £198. If Mike lee plumbing and heating supplies the products and they are faulty , Mike lee plumbing and heating will be liable to rectify the faulty items with no added cost . If however the customer supplies the products/parts then workmanship is guaranteed on pipe work but not on faulty items for example faulty taps , or cheap flexible hoses splitting.

7. Invoices will be written and emailed through to the customer/client and payment for the invoice is required within 7 days of this being sent. If payment is late a one off payment of £12 or 10% which ever is greater will be added to the invoice and invoice will be resent out to cover the costs of admin work and interest being accrued through non payment of materials. If after 4 late payments and the 4th amended invoice has still not been paid, the invoice will get passed on to a debt recovery agency and a subsequent fee of 20% + vat will be added to the principle debt amount owed or £50+ vat charge if the 20% + vat does not cover the minimum charge. The unpaid amount which will be sought from the recovery agency will need paying directly to them .

8. Work done by Mike lee plumbing and heating will have a 12 month guarantee on components replaced and products if supplied by Mike lee plumbing and heating. If a new fault or part causes a future breakdown on a boiler *this is not included in the 12 month guarantee. eg if a air pressure switch changed in boiler and then 3 months later the pumps has failed the air pressure switch is guaranteed, not the central heating pump and only parts/work done by mike lee plumbing and heating is guaranteed. The 12 month guarantee is not on other parts or components owned by the owner . Products supplied by the customer has no product guarantee and Mike lee plumbing and heating reserves the right to refuse to fit such products if not WRAS approved and products are not to a British standard relating to water and gas regulations.

9. If any other work is carried out by another plumbing contractor which interferes with the work of Mike lee plumbing and heating e.g boiler installed by Mike lee plumbing and heating and other contractor breaking the boiler somehow by adding extra radiator to system , the guarantee will be null and void. *Or to the discretion of Mike lee plumbing and heating within reason and as applicable.

10. Quotes - quotes are estimated to be as accurate as possible so the customer will know how much a job is likely to cost- most of the time this is accurate on the job. Other issues might arise from unforeseen issues whilst on site eg pipes leaking under floor boards once a floor has been lifted , weak pumps , leaking automatic air valves on refilling, customers will be notified of any findings on a job and any extra work will be done on hours if small, or to a set price if falls under a fixed fee item. Quotes are for new installations only eg new heating systems , boilers ,bathrooms ect. A quote will not mean that we come out attend and diagnose problems or faults -no tools or work are included in quotes apart from a tape measure e.g a faulty broken down boiler will be diagnosed as a set price or on hours and there will be a fixed price fee to diagnose and after that will we only be able to provide a quote for repair.

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