VAT Registered and a Limited Company

VAT Registered and a Limited Company

Exciting News: Mike Lee Plumbing and Heating Goes VAT Registered and Becomes a Limited Company

It’s time to announce some positive changes!

This past year has been a record-breaking year for Mike Lee Plumbing and Heating. The company now needs to make some changes to continue trading and to be able to offer our services.

The company hit the VAT threshold and turned over £90,000 in 12 months - I now don’t have a choice other than to go VAT registered.

The benefits of VAT explained:

VAT registration allows us to claim back VAT on our business purchases.This allows us to reinvest in the company, ultimately offering you more competitive pricing and a wider range of services.

Team expansion details :

We're excited to announce plans to expand our team within the next year, adding office staff and qualified engineers to meet your growing plumbing and heating needs.

These changes will mean a better service for you in the long run!

Expect a quicker turnaround on jobs from when you call, to us attending and more capacity to deal with multiple emergencies and projects at the same time.

In conjunction with having to go VAT registered the company has been transitioned to a limited company .

MLPH LIMITED a now registered business is abbreviated from Mike Lee Plumbing and Heating. The company will still be trading as Mike Lee plumbing and heating, but the business will get paid into the company and not me personally.

So what does this mean for our customers?

#1 Absolutely the same high-level 24/7 service, with the addition of a 20% VAT charge on labor and set prices.

#2 Even more effort put in to the business as a Director, to find new energetic faces for the company, (valued people just like me) to scale up and offer the same service to more customers in need of our services.

#3 If your business is VAT registered, you can reclaim the VAT on our services.

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