Watersafe approved plumber in Horsham

Watersafe approved plumber in Horsham

Updated on 31/05/2023

Michael lee joins register of top UK plumbers

Local company Mike lee plumbing and heating has been accepted as an approved member of WaterSafe, the register for qualified, professional plumbers in the UK.

WaterSafe is supported by the water industry regulators and allUK water companies, including Southern water and aims to raise the standards of plumbing at home and at work to keep tap water healthy.

Michael Lee said: “We are delighted to have been accepted as members of WaterSafe. It means our customers in Horsham, Crawley and all the surrounding areas from Guildford to Brighton know they are employing a plumber who has got the right qualifications and experience to do the job, as well as a customer complaint scheme and proper insurance cover.

“The knowledge to work safely with plumbing takes years to learn and plumbers who aren’t properly trained can cause all sorts of problems.In the worst case this can even be a risk to tap water - making it unsafe to drink. Poor plumbing can also cause leaks,pollute rivers and seas with wrongly connected drains and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.”

Many types of plumbing have to be notified to Southern Water before they can be carried out. However, plumbers approved with WaterSafe are able to carry out the work straight away in most cases and issue a certificate when it is done.

Mike Lee plumbing and heating is also a member of Gas Safe and WIAPS

We can be found online on the WaterSafe register at watersafe.org.uk or www.mikeleeplumbingandheating.com


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WaterSafe – Rebecca Burgess, [email protected], 07859 896360.

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